SAP HotNews

SAP HotNews provides the latest news and updates about SAP products. Users can filter news by product version, software component, or support package to view relevant stories. In addition, they can choose to subscribe to a newsletter that contains the latest SAP products, or troubleshoot issues. The news feed is free and frequently updated. For more information, visit SAP’s site. It’s an excellent resource for SAP users and is available to the public for free.


Users can also customize HotNews to view news relevant to their specific application. They can sort news by product version, software component, or support package. They can also search by topic. In addition, users can choose to view Important Notes for a module. The Notes are intended to provide important information to help implement the new feature. After implementation, users should refer to these reference notes for additional information. In addition, HotNews is free.

One of the major advantages of SAP HotNews is its customization. Users can filter news according to product versions, support packages, and sub-modules. Moreover, users can create customized accounts and view only relevant news. They can also customize their hotnews content according to their preferences. To keep your data secure, SAP offers a secure cloud option to store all their data. This feature ensures maximum security and reliability. The cloud service offers 24/7 support to users.

For those who do not use SAP Solution Manager, HotNews is a good option. It is free to use, and does not require access to SAP Solution Manager. While it’s a useful tool for SAP users, it is lacking in customization options. You can’t filter news by product versions, software components, or other parameters. You can even customize your user account with your own logo and details. Overall, HotNews can be a valuable resource for SAP users and helps them stay up to date on the latest news.

Apart from its free and customizable nature, HotNews also offers a comprehensive list of SAP security updates. It is easy to filter news according to the type of application, support package, and category. Furthermore, the news list displays the latest news from SAP. The user can mark the old and outdated news and manage notifications. The main downside of HotNews is the limited number of filters. Therefore, users should use the filtering options as per their needs.

SAP’s HotNews application is a useful resource for SAP users. It can be customized to suit your needs. You can opt to receive updates about specific topics or sub-modules. Additionally, you can create custom accounts to subscribe to SAP e-newsletters. It is free to use. There are many advantages to HotNews, including customizable news, downloads, and support. And, because it’s free, it’s worth it!