HotNews – A Valuable Resource For SAP ERP News

Founded in 1999, HotNews is an independent news website in Romania. The site was renamed from Revista presei in 2005, but it still continues to serve as a free resource for readers. Users can customize their news feed by topic, sub-module, support package, and language, and can also opt to receive only news about the latest SAP ERP updates. Though the service is free, it is difficult to find relevant news. It is difficult to filter out information about recent SAP ERP updates.


HotNews is a web-based news service for users of SAP products. The content of the news is tailored to specific applications. Users can choose a specific version, sub-module, or support package to view relevant news. The information in HotNews, which are called SAP TopNotes, is especially useful for implementations of new software. It lists the steps involved in post-implementation and any required prerequisites.

Using SAP HotNews is free. The content of the site is customized for specific applications. To customize the content, users can select the version, software components, and support packages. This helps users to focus on the information they want to see, and it makes their task easier. In addition, users can also subscribe to the SAP Hotnews newsletter, which will deliver the latest news to their inbox on a weekly basis. With a few clicks, users can customize their news and receive the latest information directly in their inbox.

The HotNews site is another useful resource for SAP ERP news. Subscribers can customize their news feed by choosing which product version they’d like to receive. They can also choose to subscribe to the SAP Hotnews newsletter, which will send a weekly email with the latest news. The newsletter also has the option to be subscribed to via email. This is a great way to keep up with all the latest news from the SAP community.

SAP offers a number of customized subscriptions for SAP employees. They can choose to receive their news via email, RSS feed, or both. While the newsletter is not a user-friendly option, the service is secure and free. Furthermore, it allows users to customize the newsletters. While the newsletter is not always user-friendly, it’s a valuable resource for SAP users. However, the newsletter is an excellent resource for SAP information.

The Hotnews site provides a variety of news from the SAP community. Users can filter their news by product version or software component, which makes it easy to find the latest news in your industry. In addition, SAP offers reference instructions that help ensure a smooth implementation. Aside from providing information about the company’s products, SAP also offers news about SAP customers and partners. HOTNEWS: The SAP news service is designed to meet the needs of its users. Among its features is the list of the latest developments in the software industry.